We are Mumtree.
We exist to create impact.

We believe in a society where economic growth and positive impact on the world can grow hand in hand.

We are redefining the role of investing in the 21st century.



At Mumtree, we are looking for inverstors who want to get a financial return by investing in companies that are improving our world. 
Investors who want to live their investments, feel enthusiastic during the process, and leave a legacy on earth.

This is not about altruism, impact investing is an economic opportunity. The volume of impact assets is doubling every year and they are at the same level as convetional venture capital and private equity.


We are looking for brilliant businesses at Mumtree, potentially global companies with impact at the center of their business model. The more their business grows, the more positive impact they will have on millions of lives around the world.

Brilliant businesses are solving the world’s biggest challenges, they are the kind of company the world needs right now.