Mumtree Manifesto

This is for the gamechangers, the nonconformist, the critical spirits, the authentic ones. For the people who really love the world we live in.

We don’t mind if you are an investor, a company, or simply passing by. If you believe in these values, this is for you:

Over the last years, our world has seen a huge transformation due to technological progress. The digital revolution has helped to overcome some important challenges. However, despite these successes, a new kind of revolution is necessary to help improve our world and society.

This new revolution will lead the transformation through a more equal world, it will improve the quality of health, it will produce more sustainable and circular products, it will create equal access to education worldwide, it will drive the transformation through new renewable energy system, it will protect terrestrial, marine and natural ecosystems and it will build more sustainable cities to live in.

These challenges will not be solved by governments, charities or altruism alone. We require gamechangers with companies that have impact embedded to the core of their business model and the involvement of private capital and investment to scale the solutions. The good news is that today, investing in impact companies that are building a better world is also an economic opportunity.

We believe everything starts with a purpose. A purpose that leads to beliefs and values. We have created our own manifesto with the core principles in which we believe.

This is not just a letter, it is the most important document we have ever written and we hope it will leave a legacy and serve as inspiration.

1. We are more than a company, we are a movement.

Mumtree is not just a company, it is a movement of people who believe in a new economic model. Essentially, this is what we are, and the company is just the means to leverage this ambition and build a better world.

2. Impact investing doesn't mean low return.

Impact is not charitable, it is an economic opportunity for growth. Companies that don’t put impact at the core of their business model will not find it easy to gain consumer loyalty, retain talented people, reduce costs, and adapt to the changes in regulation.

3. A tribe is more powerful than a team.

A tribe is a group of people with a common interest, culture, and values. At Mumtree, there are no owners, no bosses, no hierarchy. We are just members of the Mumtribe looking to impact millions of lives across the world.

4. Good people are above everything.

Our tribe is made up of good people and great professionals. We want to work with investors who aspire to leave a legacy on earth. We invest in companies whose founders are as whole-hearted as they are determined to change the world.

5. Dreamers are the gamechangers.

We love dreamers. People with an ambition to change the world. Without this ambition, experience and industry knowledge are useless. Dreaming is the critical factor for achieving success and transcendence.

6. Investment doesn't have to be lifeless.

We want investors to live their investment, to get excited about their contribution to the world, to feel enthusiastic during the process. Investment needs to be more human and natural for entrepreneurs and investors.

7. Together we get further.

We are on a common path to achieve a more sustainable world and we know that these challenges will not be solved only by us. We work with partners and external talent with an open and collaborative culture.

8. With great technology, comes great responsibility.

As technology gathers more and more power in our society, the responsibility that comes with it increases. We use technology to solve challenges by scaling impact businesses.

9. Passion and fun are competitive advantages.

We love our purpose and that's why we have built a culture of passion for what we are doing at Mumtree. Passion and fun are key drivers for constant learning, curiosity and adaptability inside a company. This is part of our DNA and it differentiates us from the rest.

10. The Milky Way is our limit.

The global challenges we are facing around the world require global solutions. We were born global and our ambition to create impact is not limited by any border other than physics and the limits of our universe.

If you see yourself in these beliefs, if you want to build a better world, you can be part of the Mumtribe.